Friday, May 21, 2010

International Treasure.

Things I want to do if I ever became famous and rich enough #4:
  • Tell the world that I have some sort of secret.
  • Tell the world that I've hidden this secret which is worth quite a bit of money somewhere on the planet.
  • Set a series of challenges and clues for the entire world to follow if they wish to seek out this treasure.
  • Have the winning team go through multiple tiresome events which include near death experiences, giant boulders, snakes and fire, only to open a treasure chest in the middle of, presumably, a pyramid, only to find one of these:
 [It's pretty hard to find a floppy disc drive nowadays, imagine what a piss off it would be in 20 years]

[That's the joke.]

[It sounded better in my head.]

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Deevan said...

*ta da dum tshh*