Saturday, May 15, 2010

Waste Wash.

Actually have done nothing today.

Literally first thing I did today was open up my computer and tried to fix the fans again. (Last post).

I managed to 'quieten' it down a bit - or rather, it magically started to reduce in intensity after I gave up.

Moral of the story kids: Fuck.

The I played some Broodwar because I am so horribly shit.

Got arse raped by Saarthak and Roderick yesterday.
I could have killed Saarthak in the start cause I rushed him with Zerglings in the first 3 minutes [thus fucking up my resources early] and then Roderick said 'Hey fuck off, -something something about it being early and having no units-' which I thought was the base I was killing, but Saarthak was actually killing Rod's base at the same time, hence the message. So I backed off and proceeded to bend over to have large horse dicks rammed into my arse.
...Regardless, I'm am shithouse at any RTS. My gaming forte would have to be RPG's where you grind monotonously hour after hour for a quest yields you no exp. because by the time you've actually killed all the monsters, you're 5 levels higher than what you were when you started it.


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