Sunday, May 30, 2010

That's When Shit Gets Greasy.

Had my first Big Mac today.
Fucking Achievement Unlocked.

My dad spontaneously decided to go on a maccas run. He walks into the room and is liek "Hey, do you wanna Big Mac?" And I'm like "Whatchu talkin' about?" - simply because, my family hasn't had Maccas together for about 3-4 years. And he's like "Do you want. A Big. Mac.?", at this point, I'm still confuzzled as fuck, so I'm like "What. The fuck. Are you. Talking. About?", and he's liek "Do you wanna big mac?".

This goes on for about 5 minutes.

I change my retaliation questino to "...What, so you're gonna go maccas, like, RIGHT. NOW?", and he's like "Yeah. I. AM. ." and I'm like "Man, I don't like Bigmacs, get me one of those chicken burgers" and he's all like "Fuck you bitch, man up and have a fucking big mac" and I'm like, fuck you FINE".

So I had a BigMac today. First one ever. Realisation. They're actually just super sized cheeseburgers with lettuce. I was disappointed. It's a shmae hungy jacks decided to scrap their country style chicken burgers - those were. the shit. Like, it was probably the most saltiest burger I've ever eaten, and it was fucing. AWESOME.
Then the decided to be a bunch of french faggots and replace it with the "chicken baguette" - could you possibly have any more 20 inch dicks in your ass?

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