Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Report Reporter.

(Finished days ago)
Rushed as.
It's supposed to be Robert.
It doesn't look at all like you.
I could make it better.
But that's like saying, you could buy a hoodie.

Sent the hoodie guy the money for the size samples at about 2pm.
Potentially, samples could arrive tomorrow or the day after.
Though, pretty sure sizing will drag into mid next week because I doubt we'll get everyone in in one lunch time.
They actually are kangaroo hoodies this time.

"Live or Not At All",
Mini-posters have not shipped,
Status quite unknown.

Art commissions delayed somewhat.
Due to everything.
On hold:

Genvin's, PMA.
Outline was upped in a previous post.

Katie's, Fursonas:
Top one was the original idea, but then I thought that Genvin should actually be somewhat in the picture.
I also had the idea of putting us all on the stairs behind our area.
Still in heavy drafting stages.

Blosia's, Unusal Death.
I dunno if you still want this because the idea would comprise of multiple events in a single frame, but I have a solid idea-d image in my head of how it would look - so I'm probably going to do it.

That's all folks, time to watch LOST.


BLOSIA said... that meant to be Joanna from recess?

I don't really mind whether or not you decide to go through with it. It'd be pretty kewlz if you did, but yeh no pressure.

Kuoke said...

What's supposed to be Joanna? She's not in this post at all.