Friday, May 21, 2010

Easily Controlled By A Serious Amount Of Drugs.

I have not blogged as much as I would have liked. Last month, almost got to 100, and this month only breaking 40 now. There is not enough crisis in my world.

 I showed Coombes this. She said she was impressed.

I sealed them in plastic sleeves incase it rains or some shit. Also they look pretty awesome in their pristine condition, so I'd actually get pretty pissed if they got dented or anything.
There's still 3 up for grabs.
I might keep 2 sheerly because I'm a cunt. I think I'd be dissatisfied with 1, despite the fact that I'm most probably going to just keep them under my bed.


Running out of music. Been listening to the same stuff as I was about 2 months ago. Getting back into that rap shit, so I googled 'artist like Lupe Fiasco', and I got these guys.

Aight, peace.

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