Saturday, May 1, 2010

Raw, Chaotic, Beautiful.

I actually originally had the waves this size, but I made them smaller because my dick is huge.
The old man sits on a rock, watching the waves break against the cliff face next to him. He sees the clash of water against rock; tastes the salt spraying in the air in a fine mist; listens to the sound of the foam subsiding from the slippery surface, only to be replaced by the sound of another wave crashing and breaking. A relentless, untamed symphony of nature. Raw. Chaotic. Beautiful.
His unbuttoned white linen shirt flaps in the wind, and whips up the fine, silver strands of his hair. His mind is blank. He looks into the distance, where the cloudless sky and dark ocean meet, the sky floating like oil on the ocean, teetering just enough so that the two never mix.
He is completely at peace with himself; at the world. He has been sitting here for just under an hour, and, staring out at the horizon, is unable to distinguish whether he is awake or dreaming.
His body asleep, his mind wanders...


genvinout said...

hurray Q-banger!
if it's not too much trouble though, you reckon you could make the guys shirt a liiiittle big longer, and also maybe make the sea-spray a bit bigger?
i'm not sure how that'd look

this shits gonna be one of the 10 miniposters, which, by the way, i'll pay you for once i figure out another 5 or so

Kuoke said...

I think it's actually 10 prints of the single image - but I'm not entirely sure.

I'll ask the guy if we can print 10 of 10 images, but they're notorious for their slow as customer service.

Kuoke said...

Yeah it's 10 of 1 image.

genvinout said...

dang. i'm trying to think of an image i want ten of

veri: bliess