Thursday, May 6, 2010

Internet Plan

So we (as in my family) have decided to change our internet plan from Telstra Bigpond to Optus. Here are the specs:

Cost: $129/month
Internet Usage: 50GB
Local and National calls: Free
Mobile phone calls (including non-Optus): Free
Speed: 'Super fast broadband'
Lowest capped speed: 256kbps (I'm assuming its bits not bytes otherwise GG)
World Saver Plus: $5/month but 2c/min to USA/Canada and NZ, and about a dollar less per minute for other countries.
Line rental: $0
Contract term length: 24 months.

In other words.

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Kuoke said...

256/512/1024 kbps actually have nothing to do with the actual speed. It's something more retardedly complicated but companies use it to make it seem larger because their dicks are small.