Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vespene Gas.

I beat a bot in SC with 6 Zerglings at 8 minutes, then pumped out some Mutalisk until end game.

How the fuck did that happen.

Now I should go around saying Kekekeke cause I'm a mad Korean.
Essay time.


Strabo said...

Zerg rushes are pretty much the only way to kill the AI in Starcraft. After that, they get the infinite power of Jesus Christ infusing their soldiers and get pretty much indestructable.

And don't even attempt the campaign without the cheat codes.

Kuoke said...

I scouted with 6 zerglings, just to check where his base was, and they ended up taking out the army, and half their base. I just found it odd that I hadn't been swarmed with marines. But yeah.