Sunday, May 2, 2010

Relive Or Not At All.

Positive mental attitude.
There's supposed to be more calamities in the back, but I paused when I got pissed from not being able to draw a dog.

Ducks. In a creek.
(Furry + Persona. It's the actual term.)
Katie's one might be a bit of a stretch, but giraffes are hard to draw.
This isn't the actual thing, I just need to get some details down.
I intend to draw a proper scene as if we were in a standard conversation circle at the tables.
Am I meant to include anyone else?

The site I'm printing off is specifically designed to print user created content, meaning @Katie - I'm not sure if they'd print the Dalek posters.
I'm currently getting a revamp of 'Live Or Not At All' printed as requested by someone.
They said they might take 2, I'll probably take 1, leaving 7 up for grabs.
Comparison below, old, then new respectively.


Deevan said...

i actually think the two "live or not live at all" things could work together.
I'll pay for both of them, unless you could work it into one poster, in the order you posted it.

Kuoke said...

...What do you mean?

Deevan said...

i'd like just the new version of live or not live at all as well as flying machine

genevieve at the disco. said...

i am also keen

gennys account

genevieve at the disco. said...

PMA is sweeto so far, I thought you'd actually just choose one of my proposals but thats sweet too

also i know it's just a rough draft but my crab fursona looks like a chick in a short dress

Kuoke said...

Yes. Yes it does.

I assumed all the clothing from what I remember you guys wearing, so yeah, I don't know.