Friday, May 7, 2010

Tootsie Pop.

Katie as a Barn Owl.
I'm not even sure if you wanted a Barn owl, but when I think owl, they're the first kind I think of.

Drawn progression from left to right.

Crab Boy.
Didn't end up giving him the rudder legs like crabs have because I didn't know where to put them.

Black Bob the Black Bear.
Image on left is supposed to be that dance thing you do. But I don't even know what that looks like off memory so you just look awkwardly defensive.

Stephen, German Shepherd.
One pose because my eyes are about to die.

So someone suggest me an animal.
Because I was gonna go with cat because I assumed it ages ago.
And then Kashuiuausfglya said Siamese cat, which actually turns out to be the breed I was thinking of but didn't know the name of.


Buxton said...


Kuoke said...

Hell No.

genvinout said...

aw yeah, i look sweet

word veri: sotorked
when you finish these, they will be so-torked about because theyre great. ha.

wolf said...

wolf me